Event Management System

Event Management System is a Web Application used by Event Organizers to publish about their events. They can easily publish about the event and issue tickets with the inbuilt payment gateway of the system. As Dream Squad, we value privacy. So the event will only be displayed to the crowd whom the publishers choose.

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Unlimited Events

You can publish unlimited events with our System, there’re no restrictions.

Early Bird Privileges

As an early adopter, you are entitled to all our future releases for free and before everyone else.


Private/Public Events

The event will only be accessible to a crowd that the organizers choose.

Dream Squad

We are a technology company. We help our clients to reach their potential without breaking their pockets. We start and help to start technology startups. So we don’t try to do much. Just want to be the next force that change the world!

Event Management System is one of our products that’s going to make event organizing much easier.

Number of Events Registered

Number of Tickets issued

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We are Committed to Protect your Privacy.

We are committed to secure your privacy. All the event, ticket and participant information we collect won’t be shared with any 3rd party. Event organizers will have access to their event’s information only. Also, the event will only be displayed to a crowd that the organizers choose.

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