Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System is used by companies to keep track of their items and goods. Every little detail about the products as well as details about the customers and suppliers can be saved in the system. You can access the system from anywhere in the world and get a detailed idea about the current stocks.

100% Security & Privacy

All the data you update will only be visible to the users you choose!

Fully Customizable

We’ll customize the system in any way you want.

Detailed Reports

You’ll be able to get fully detailed inventory reports which are generated automatically

Dream Squad

We are a technology company. We help our clients to reach their potential without breaking their pockets. We start and help to start technology startups. So we don’t try to do much. Just want to be the next force that changes the world!
Inventory Management System is one of our top products that’ll help companies to keep track of their goods from all around the world.

Number of Companies Registered

Number of Customizations

Number of Inquiries

We are committed to secure your privacy. All the data & images you upload to your system will only be visible to you and the officers of your company that you choose. Once the system is finalized, it’s totally yours. We don’t get any of your data, not even anonymously.
  • Onine Inventory Management
  • Customer Records
  • Supplier Records
  • Detailed Reports
  • Payment Records
  • Add/ View Stocks
  • Add/ View Sales
  • Stock Avilablity Checker
  • Stock Categories

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