Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate a payment gateway to your current site

You may have a web site that display your product information but does not sell anything online. With Dream Squad, you can convert it to an e-commerce site and integrate a payment gateway so you can sell to the whole world!
You may have an e-commerce website that has a gateway but with limited features. Dream Squad can enhance what you can do so more clients can pay you directly.

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Why Integrate a better payment gateway

People are beginning to trust online payments more and more but one bad experience can ruin their entire appetite. So it is crucial to work with gateways that provide the best experience and most importantly proper security.
Most gateways pass these requirements but what is important is how we integrate our site with these gateways. One sloppy job could compromise all the client data. That is where Dream Squad comes in. We provide a solution that makes you confident with payment gateway integration.

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We are always Available

Payment Gateway Integration is the way to sell your product to the whole world. Therefore it is imperative that we are always available. Whenever you need something in Web, IoT & Mobile Applications or any other technology,
Dream Squad is there. You can share that with us so we can better understand what you exactly need.

It can be telephone, ticketing system and even Facebook or plain SMS. At Dream Squad we are always available for you and it is something we are very proud of and our customers are very happy of.

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