Track My Kid is a Mobile Application used by parents to track their kid’s school van whereabouts. Parents can easily register and check whenever a delay happens or when they have a reason to. Parents get one less thing to worry about and school vans get a technology upgrade for free!

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As an early adopter, you are entitled to all our future releases for free and before everyone else.

It's Free!

The service is 100% Free. We take pride in our ability to help parents and vehicle owners.

Dream Squad

We are a technology company. We help our clients to reach their potential without breaking their pockets. We start and help to start technology startups. So we don’t try to do much. Just want to be the next force that change the world!

Track My Kid is one of our products that is going to make lots of parents worry less and school vans technology enabled.

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We are Committed to Protect your Privacy.

We are committed to secure your privacy. All the information we collect are for internal purposes only and we do not share data with any 3rd party. All the GPS data will only be accessible to us, you, other parents of the same van and the vehicle owner. That’s it.

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